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We are company which produce hi- quality clothes for cycling, running, triathlon etc… Our products are custom manufactured on customers' requirements. All items are produced in Croatia in our factory. Fabrics and accessories on clothes are products from the best European manufacturers.

Our company produces for known German and Swiss brands. We equip many German, Austrian, Slovenian, Nederland’s, Sweden and Croatian Cycling clubs. Main advantage of our company is that we can produce exact product which customer wants from us also in small quantities.

Our product is designed completely on customer’s wishes, and also fitting off clothes are adjusted, for exact customers’ demands.

Production works in 3 basic parts:

  • 1. Design and modeling of articles
  • 2. Cutting and printing – sublimation
  • 3. Sewing and packing

1. Design and modeling
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Receiving office
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Our designers preparing design for printing
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In show room we finalize design and fiting with customers
2. Cuting and printing
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Cutting room
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For printing we use Sublimation on large format press
3. Sewing and packing
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Sewing room whit all necessary machines and automates for product

CSW d.o.o., Goranska 159, 51307 Prezid, Croatia
tel.: +385 51 863 295 mail: info@csw.hr