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In our manufacturing we are using best materials available on the market. Our fabric supplyers are form Italy, Spain, Poland, and France With long tradition of manufacturing cycling apparel we can prowide you with wide range of patterns for your needs, be it for amateur or professional riders.

We use sublimation printing technology, which enable us to fullfil all your demands regarding design of your cycling apparel.

You can choose what kind of fabric or mix of fabrics you would like, it depends if you are amater, semi-pro or pro rider. We are here to help you find the right combination of pattern-fabric for your apparel.

In our production we use only YKK zips which is market leader in quality and durability.

    Cycling apparel we devide in four groups:
  • - jearsys
  • - pants
  • - vests and jackets
  • - winter apparel
  • among this four groups you can choose between 30 different patterns and find the one that suits you best

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CSW d.o.o., Goranska 159, 51307 Prezid, Croatia
tel.: +385 51 863 295 mail: info@csw.hr